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It's not just about your credit; we know your mindset and money needs

Moving You Forward

Bad credit is affecting you and holding you back more than you know. Since 2017, Kite Consulting Services has helped our satisfied clients repair their credit. We are voted within the Top 5 Credit Repair companies in DFW as listed on

With our highly professional and methodological approach, we cut through the reporting inaccuracies and get you back on the road to good credit and taking back your buying power! You can relax knowing you are in reputable hands in getting back into good financial standing. Credit is just one part of what we do and where we are exceptional! We understand it is the most crucial financial tool to help create the life and wealth we want. 


But we also understand that MINDSET plays the number one role in all areas of our lives! As much as we can have financial roadblocks or setbacks, we also have mental ones. Besides the results and education, what sets us apart from other credit repair companies is that we offer one-on-one mindset coaching for our clients personally and professionally.


How you grew up learning and hearing about money from your parents subconsciously plays a considerable role in how you perceive money. Our heart's mission and calling are to help our clients overcome both situations while providing them with the tools and education needed. When they graduate from our program, they are mentally and financially confident in all areas of their lives, which is why we provide several unique packages custom fit for each individual.


So whether it is repairing your credit, building your business credit, or helping with one on one coaching, you have come to the right place. We welcome you as a new part of our continually growing credit family!


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