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Stop Turning Away Clients Due to Bad Credit or Low Credit Scores

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Stop losing clients and close more deals

Set yourself apart from other companies by offering reputable AND legal credit repair services that help your clients improve their credit so they can become qualified and purchase from YOU!


Problem: Clients who can't qualify for a loan or financing due to bad credit or low credit scores!

Solution: Our unique credit repair service can help them improve their credit and raise their credit scores.

Benefit: With improved credit, higher credit scores, they can now qualify for their loan. YOU grow your services and get MORE referrals!

Our affiliate program works in one of two ways.


The first way is to send our newly qualified clients to you for their next purchase. This program costs you nothing; it is simply a perk of being our preferred affiliate.


The second way is sending your unqualified lead to us for credit education and repair. You will be able to track their progress 24/7 in your online portal. Once they have completed our program, they will be sent back to you for their next purchase. Usually, our affiliates offer to reimburse the client for their fees as an incentive to come back to them.

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