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Credit Building Options

We offer a wide range of credit building options, auto refinancing, student loan help, and rent reporting to help not only help our clients boost their scores but take advantage of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rent payment programs to assist in the mortgage approval for first-time homebuyers!

Get your precise FICO Scores

To be prepared for your consultation, we first need your most current FICO scores. We do not use CreditKarma as they are not accurate.

Secured Credit Cards + Rewards 

Build your credit AND earn rewards with purchases just like a traditional credit card. 

Guaranteed Credit Approval

Credit Builder helps make building credit an easy approval process to help get you on the track to building positive credit.

Borrow & Grow Savings Plan

Add a positive tradeline to your credit report with a credit building loan plus savings plan. 

 24/7 Luxury Concierge Card

Sleek Stainless Steel card with an excellent rewards program. This card does require a 680 credit score and 60k annual income. 

Boost your CREDIT with Rent

Your on-time rent payments are reported to selected credit bureaus each month. Most renters add their rental history for the previous 24 months for the most significant impact on their credit profile

Student Loan Help

Student Loan Survivor's mission is to take the stress and anxiety out of your student loan situation.

Auto Refinancing 

Having little to no credit means higher interest rates on auto loans. If you have made on-time payments for the last 6 months to a year refinancing your loan could save you money to invest or save for a downpayment.  

Build Credit with your Debit Card

Your regular debit card does NOT help you build credit OR provide rewards just like a credit card. But with Extra, it does. 

What Our Clients Say

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"My credit scores were in the low 500 range. I was desperate and did not know what to do about it. You were referred to me by a mortgage lender that told me you help educate people on credit and collection matters. After 3-4 months, my credit scores are now in the high 600 to 700 range. I now can buy our dream home. Thank you for all your help! I will recommend you to my friends and my family." 

--John W., Houston, TX