Hi, I'm Rachel.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our company, our vision, and what we do. Outside of business in my private life, I am a mother, I enjoy traveling, reading, music, shopping for plants, home decor, diving, speaking on money and mindset, good food, and being around open-minded people who challenge me to think on topics from another perspective. Solo travel has been the most rewarding as it helps us discover ourselves in ways we did not know before. I strongly feel all humans should leave their country to experience other cultures for a while. It helps us all to become more open-minded and understanding humans.

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Rachel Kite

Founder & CEO

Rachel Kite is the founder of Kite Consulting Services, with professional experience in Business Development and Financial Services, along with personal experience as a widow and single mother.

A solid background in Financial Services has fueled her passion for ensuring her clients have the education and proper tools to regain their buying power and understand how to invest their money to help create generational wealth for themselves and their families. She strongly lives by the motto, " A poverty mindset will continue to give you a poverty life!" She has helped coach many friends, family members, and clients alike in breaking free from the subconscious barriers surrounding money, relationships, victim mindset, and overall quality of life/thinking.

At 27, she faced the personal struggle of becoming a young widow and single mother after losing her husband, Brad. She raised their children without a support system or family that was much help. Rachel has one powerful testimony that has led her into genuine love and calling for this career path, helping families and into public speaking to share her story to inspire others. She understands the challenges life throws our way firsthand, emotionally and financially. Her clients, communities, and their future are important to her, and she walks with them step-by-step. In Rachel, you dont have just another credit repair specialist, but someone who feels more like a familiar friend pushing you to your fullest potential. She makes everyone aware that working with her is a safe and judgment-free zone, but she is a no excuse woman and will make sure you leave the whoa is me mindset at the door! 


 To contact Rachel for anything unrelated to fixing your credit, please email her to schedule your appointment.